Saving you Time and Grief

Balancing time, money and quality is difficult. Join us to master tools and methods that allow you control this careful balance with maximized outcomes. Seriously!


PMI Congress 2012 Offer

Based on the dialog we’ve had today, ask yourself if implementing what we have discussed would:

- Strengthen your project outcomes

- Drive value for your clients

- Save you time and grief?

Would you like an opportunity to reconvene “online” in the next month to translate ideas into action?  Accelerate your results—join us for the following:

  1. A one hour one-to-one working phone session with a Pensare Group principal to apply these tools to address your key challenges and opportunities in projects that you manage. PLUS...

  2. Mastering the Pensare Project Management Power Tool Webinar Workshop that is an interactive session to introduce this powerful problem-solving tool that can be used as a group or by individuals to strengthen client relationships and accelerate optimal outcomes.(2 hours—maximum 8 people—first come first serve)

It's only $375 for both session - you won't regret it!  PDU's available upon completion.

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