Samples of our Work - Pensare Group Driving the Right Outcomes

Example 1 - Association Management Firm

Industry Focus: call-center providing back office support for hundreds of non-profits and associations, warehousing, logistics, fulfillment services.

Client Need: Client retention rates needed to increase– regular re-competes of services led to lower margin and unexpected client turn over. Management estimated $10M company could have been $15-$20M with higher retention and account growth over last 5 years. Senior management did not have sufficient management bench strength (or time) to work with 170 staff across the firm to accomplish two critical outcomes: alignment of teams behind key corporate growth goals, and delivery on their absolute commitment to high quality customer service.

Pensare Contribution:

  • Strategic action planning sessions with senior management team to ensure high level critical goals were cascading down to middle management and staff
  • Designed, implemented and tracked customized professional development program for 170 staff members at every level with singular focus of every class: meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations
  • Subsequently worked with 50 members of management team to develop leadership, relationship building and business development skills

“We’ve always worked hard to build a positive work environment within the company. It’s all about our people, and our 2009 results prove that investing in each employee to strengthen customer relationships makes good business sense.“ (CEO)


  • No client has left as a result of poor customer service delivered over the past year ($150K estimated annual revenue impact)
  • Voluntary staff turnover reduced by 65% from 2008 to 2009
  • Process improvements resulting from weekly team discussions resulted in immediate savings of tens of thousands of dollars, with projected annual savings for 2010 well into the six figures
  • Engaged staff at management and service delivery level, with demonstrated commitment to delivery of “big promise” to clients

“I have seen my fellow employees work together so well in the classes that we attended every Wednesday for the last couple of months so I know we are able to accomplish great things outside of the class sessions.” (Operations Manager)

Example 2 - IT Services Government Contractor

Industry Focus: IT security and risk management, system development, design and integration, program management

Client Need: “Sales hesitation” at the middle management level was resulting in lost growth opportunities. President’s priority was to ensure the successful implementation of a new account management process by developing BD skills for project managers, while consistently delivering service beyond expectations for every client.

Pensare Contribution:

  • Design, implementation and tracking of customized development program for project managers located across the country
  • Weekly interactive sessions with PM teams to directly tackle “sales hesitation” while developing actionable strategies to further develop customer loyalty
  • Individual assessments and one-to-one action planning support for high performers (addressing behavioral patterns, individual motivators and decision making skills)
  • Post-program support (strategic planning and team sessions) to ensure ongoing implementation of the action strategies developed during the course

“I have seen a tremendous improvement in the knowledge and focus on Business Development throughout the organization! More importantly, I am seeing results.”
(VP Operations)


  • Increased Capture Capabilities
  • Improved Integration of BD in Daily Delivery of Services
  • Independently Formed Internal Initiatives to Sustain Progress and Drive More Results
  • Bonding of Middle Managers Intent on Improved Sharing and Collaboration
  • Better Flow of Information Between Departments and Across Locations
  • Improved Individual Confidence to Lead, Stretch and Grow

“The two things that stood out in every facet of this program are that success is based upon relationships and the need to be intentional about each aspect that influences our relationships with our customers” (Project Manager)

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