What Our Clients Say About Us

Meet some of our award-winning clients who have been recognized by the Washington Business Journal, Helios Apollo Awards, Enterprising Women, SmartCEO, Ernst and Young, Inc. Magazine to name only a few. 

From the Executive Perspective:

Kathleen Benson, President, ORI

“Lesley and Renee are the best - worth a million but fortunately don’t ask for that in return. The Pensare Group has worked with ORI’s management team on strategic action planning over the last year, and our results have truly exceeded my expectations. We are a fast-growing market research company so it is essential we stay focused. Through our work together, we’ve identified and strengthened critical goals, and we now have tools and techniques that ensure we meet those goals - this is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”

Fortune 200 Insurance Company

“This program more than paid for itself with our client meeting that you helped prepare for last week. We went in knowing we were likely to get the renewal, but now we’ve been asked to quote the piece of work we really wanted – the one they told us we couldn’t have!” 

 Vice President 

“Through our one year plus association with the Pensare Group, we are not only seeing incredible results but you have restored my faith in consultants!”

Human Resources Manager

M.N. Scott Ulvi, President and CEO, Triumph Enterprises, Inc. 

“The Pensare Group, in a phrase perfect strategic timing!  Renee and Lesley happened into Triumph’s life at just the right time.  The leadership had been struggling with how best to engage all of our people to help the company to clearly align our service offerings to high value needs that our clients expect. The Pensare Group’s Triumph-tailored program was designed to answer the alignment equation that we were attempting to resolve.  I insisted that my executive team participate in the first group with me to ensure that this was the program for us.  Our second group just graduated in June 2012 – clearly, it’s the right program for Triumph!  Thank you Pensare Group.”  

Denise Manning, President G&B Solutions Inc.

“I initially hired the Pensare Group to develop a core group of my high potential, mid-level managers to strengthen their leadership, relationship building and BD skills. We’ve seen increased capture capabilities, and an integration of business development into the daily delivery of services where staff are taking action, not just talking about it. Our ability to consistently focus on providing high value to every client is the key to G&B’s success – which is why I’ve engaged Lesley and Renee to work with me on a number of strategic initiatives in the months ahead. I recommend them highly.”


Mark Heaney, Managing Partner, Get Real Consulting

"When we hired the Pensare Group, we fully expected to get a positive return on investment through our work together. We did not expect, however, to see the kind of rapid results that we got working as a senior management team on issues ranging from how to strategically leverage our market position to how to improve the allocation of our existing resources for increased effectiveness. We enjoyed working with Renee and Lesley – they do not assume that they know more about your company than you do. They have much more of a partnering approach – by combining their experience and background with our understanding of our industry and company, together we will accomplish great results."

Cynthia De Lorenzi, CEO, Success in the City

"My decision to avail myself of the Pensare Group expertise expedited the strategic action planning required to grow Success in the City. It was one my smartest decisions yet! Their unique, powerful and positive approach complemented my ambitious goals and vision, and were exactly what I needed. Working with the Pensare Group, we moved from the ethereal to the practical and quickly benchmarked significant accomplishments from the 'get-go.'

From the Program Participant Perspective:

Manager, Program Management and Logistics Contractor

“Working with the Pensare Group, I have realized that customers are excited and willing to take the time to discuss and answer questions on where they want to drive their programs and how we can add value to help them overcome the obstacles during the journey. As an individual, I can use the questioning techniques to uncover these visions and turn them into business development opportunities for my company.”  

Project Manager, IT Government Contractor

When I first heard we were doing a training/development program to help managers and PMs strengthen and expand our client relationships and grow new business, I thought ‘this will never work on the government contracting side of our organization’.  I’m happy to say I was wrong – I am applying the techniques we practiced in class and I’m seeing results consistently.” 

Sally Strackbein President and CEO, Defining Story

"Thanks to the Pensare Group's Ask... Don't Sell Program, I easily closed my first client for my newly launched, higher quality, higher value program. I am experiencing phenomenal results applying what I have learned. I've read books, taken classes, and gotten advice from more people than I care to count. Nothing worked until now."

Roberta Hollis, Senior Buyer, Northrop Grumman

"Over the years, I have participated in numerous management and leadership development programs, and I’ve been exposed to many of these ideas in the past. The difference in working with the Pensare Group is that now I’m putting these ideas to work – and that is making a big difference in my ability to deliver against company objectives. I was able to apply what I learned immediately to my work as we progressed through the program designed just for what I needed."

Sheri Sylvester, Vice President, Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce

"We truly appreciate everything you did to help our board grow and serve the community in which we work and live. Please know that we will not forget you or your message, anytime soon." http://www.mcleanchamber.org/

Director, IT Government Contractor

 “Thank you so much for the work you did with our management team.  You both did a fantastic job with the program.  I got a lot out of it, and very much appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into it.”  

Program Manager, Technology and Management Consulting Firm

“By far the number one thing that benefited me in this program is that it brought a 'cognizant' aspect about every day's work. Instead of walking in to work and getting work done, I am now much more aware about the importance of day-to-day client interactions, my communication with others, myself image, and my perception to others. This has increased my overall awareness about coming to work and making it a better place for me and for my clients.” 

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